Body Piercings – Milford


RATIONALE: The Town of Milford is promulgating rules and regulations which provide minimum requirements to be met by any person performing body piercing upon any individual and for any establishment where body piercing is performed. These requirements shall include, but not be limited to, general sanitation of premises wherein body piercing is to be performed and sterilization of instruments. These rules and regulations are necessary to protect the public9s health by preventing diseases, specifically including, but not limited to transmission of hepatitis B and/or human immunodeficiency virus .

In addition, these rules and regulations shall establish procedures for registration with the Milford Board of Health (MBH) of all persons performing body piercing, for the requirement of minimal training standards for the prevention of disease transmission and for knowledge of anatomy and physiology, for regular inspection of premises wherein body piercing is performed, and for revocation of the registration of any person or establishment deemed in violation of the rules and regulations promulgated under this section. An annual, non-transferable registration fee set the Town of Milford shall be paid by any person or establishment registered under this section.


1. “Body piercing” shall mean any method of inserting a needle into the body to place jewelry in the

perforation produced by the needle. Establishments and/or individuals involved in the piercing of

earlobes (onlv) using approved ear piercing guns are subject onlv to the General Rules and

Regulations found under Section 2 of this ordinance.

2. “Body Piercer” shall mean any person who performs piercing of any part of body other than the

earlobe which is pierced by use of an appropriate piercing gun.

3. “Body Piercer Certificate of Registration” means issuance of a written instrument authorizing

the person named therein to engage in the work of body piercing.

4 Operator shall mean any person who owns, controls, operates, conducts or manages any

piercing establishment, whether actually performing the work of piercing or not.

5. ‘Miinor”shall mean any person under the age of eighteen (18).

6. ‘Piercing Studio” shall mean any room or space where piercing is practiced or where the business

of piercing is conducted or any part thereof.

7 “Antibacterial Solution” means any solution used to retard the growth of bacteria approved for

application to human skin and includes all products so labeled.

8. “Germicidal Solution” means any solution which destroys germs, and is so labeled.

9. “Sterilization” means holding in an autoclave for thirty (30) minutes, at twenty (20) pounds

pressure, at a temperature of 275 degrees Fahrenheit

10. “Sanitary” means clean and free of agents of infection or disease.

11. “Sanitized” means effective bacterial treatment by a process that provides sufficient

concentration of chemicals for enough time to reduce the bacteria count including pathogens to a

safe level on equipment.

12. “MBH” means the Milford Board of Health.



1. No minors shall receive body piercing, (“minor” shall mean any person under the age of

eighteen years), unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who has signed a consent form.

No piercing of the genitalia of minors shall be allowed.

2. No piercing of animals shall be allowed in piercing studios.

3. Pre-procedural consultation to discuss body piercing, its risks and potential complications shall be required with each client. An informed consent form shall be signed by all clients. Clients shall be

supplied a copy of the consent form and the consent form shall be kept on file by the body piercer.

Clients should be told to consult with their physician regarding any medical condition which could

be exacerbated by the piercing procedures (i.e., hemophilia, open sores, etc.).

4. Patrons who admit to or are obviously under the influence of alcohol or other judgement

altering drugs shall not receive a body piercing.

5. Body piercers shall not be under the influence of any substance, legal or illegal which might impair their judgement or ability to properly perform body


6. Patrons should receive verbal and written instructions on the cleaning, use of antiseptics and other

specific instructions for each piercing after the piercing, including the signs and symptoms of


7 Appropriate disinfectants must be used to disinfect the surface of the skin in the area to be

pierced, prior to piercing.

8. Infections and adverse reactions of any kind suspected from the application of piercing which

become known to the body piercer shall be reported to the Milford Board of Health within 24

hours and the patron referred to a physician for examination.

9. Body piercers who receive needle stick injuries and/or any potential exposure to blood-borne

pathogens on the job shall follow OSHA guidelines on the reporting and follow up on needle stick

injuries. OSHA guidelines for needle stick follow up shall be posted in employee area. (Code of

Federal Regulations 29 CFR 1910.1030 (f)).

10. It is required that body piercers receive the series of Hepatitis B vaccinations and

tetanus doses or booster shot.

11. The gun used for the piercing of ear lobes only must be disinfected with an EPA-approved d

disinfectant such as madicide or a similar product.

Failure to comply with any of the above regulations may result in immediate revocation of




1. No person, or body piercer shall perform body piercing, display a sign or in any other way

advertise or purport to be a body piercer unless that person holds a valid certificate of registration

with the Milford Board of Health.

2. An applicant for registration or renewal shall pay a fee as established by the Milford Board of

Health and shall show to the satisfaction of the MBH that the applicant

a. Has complied with the applicable rules on the Milford Board of Health.

b. Upon application, has provided evidence in the form of a drivers license/state

identification card or federal identification card that applicant is not less than 18

years of age. A photocopy of the I.D. shall be on file.

c. Upon application, has signed a form consenting to abide by the rules and

regulations and recommended procedures on the prevention of disease transmission

in body piercing, sanitation, sterilization, handling of infections, universal body fluid

precautions) sharp and biologic waste disposal and wound care as stated in the

Federal Register of EPA Rules and Regulations on Blood borne Pathogens.

d. Upon application, shall notify the Milford Board of Health in writing of the regular

address of the place where the person performs or intends to perform body piercing

and shall keep the registration certificate conspicuously posted in the place of

business at all times. Body piercers shall operated only out of facilities licensed to

perform body piercing. Body piercers shall be required to demonstrate proper

sanitary procedures and to develop and submit their policy on infection control to

the Milford Board of Health.



Body piercers and their employees must show evidence or current certification and completing of

courses in the first two areas) prior to receipt of a certificate of registration.

1. Basic Training in First Aid and advanced CPR as well as proof of attendance at required renewal courses.



2. Completion of a course on Prevention of Disease Transmission and Blood borne Pathogens,

conducted by an instructor trained and sufficiently knowledgeable to teach this OSHA course.

Such knowledge shall include the requirements of standards 29 CFR 19010.1030.

3. Body piercer registration shall expire on December 31 of each year.

4. The place of business shall meet all other department requirements.

5. Liability Insurance is strongly recommended for Body Piercers.

6. Body piercers must present evidence of at least one year of apprenticeship experience with no

history of their piercing causing short or long term health problems. Apprentices must register with

the Health Board when beginning the apprenticeship.




a. Facilities must be located in area zoned for business.

b. Studio design, furniture, lighting, plumbing, water and sewage must be in accordance with

local ordinances.

c. With the exception of service animals (e.g. guide dogs); no animals should be

allowed on the premises.

d. The floor and all other surfaces shall be, at all times maintained in a clean condition. The

walls and ceilings shall be kept clean in good repair at all times. Light fixtures, decorative

materials and similar equipment attached to the walls or ceilings shall be kept clean.

e. Adequate ventilation (such as air conditioning, etc.) to keep the area dry and air

circulating should be used. (“Adequate Ventilation” shall mean a free and unrestricted

circulation of fresh air throughout the body piercing studio and the expulsion of foul or

stagnant air.) The use of a H.E.P.A. ventilation system is highly recommended.

f; Convenient, clean, and sanitary toilet and hand washing facilities shall be made

accessible to customers. A sign shall be posted in the bathroom which forbids insertion or

handling or piercing/jewelry. The plumbing fixtures and toilet room shall be maintained in a

sanitary manner and in good repair. Single service hand towels or mechanical means for

hand drying shall be provided.

g. In accordance with state regulations proper biologic waste and sharp disposal of single-use

items and needles exposed to body fluids shall be required. Only medical grade sharps

containers that are puncture-resistant, with tight-fitting-lids acceptable.


h. Body piercers shall be equipped with appropriate sterilizing equipment.(i.e. a

working steam autoclave). Autoclaves must be spore tested monthly by independent

laboratories to insure they are working adequately.

i. Body piercers shall be equipped with appropriate cleansing equipment. (i.e. a

working ultrasonic cleaner.)



a. Each body piercing studio shall have a separate work area not used for any other purpose.

No one shall be pierced at any other location in the studio other than the work area.

c. No customer should be allowed to perform their own piercing/insertions anywhere on the


d. Work areas shall not be used as a corridor for access to other rooms.


e. The area where body piercing is to be applied must be performed in a separate room.


f The floors, chairs and table tops where body piercing equipment and body piercing

work is done should be non-porous. Carpet is not permitted as a floor covering in the work

area where the body piercing is applied.


g. The work area should be well lighted. Work areas shall have at least fifty (50) foot candles

of light measured at the height of the work table.

h. Facilities shall be equipped with sinks and basins with hot and cold running water for the

exclusive use of the piercers for washing their hands and preparing their clients for body



1. A covered waste receptacle with disposable liner bags shall be located in the work area.

j. No person shall smoke, consume any food or drink in the work area.

k. No other activities, (such as hair styling, etc.) shall be performed in any room designated

for body piercing.





Body Piercers Shall:


a. Complete all business transactions.

b. Complete client consent forms and provide a copy to the client


Regarding Piercers Jewelry:

a. Client and piercer should have appropriate size and quality jewelry chosen before the

procedure begins.

b. Only appropriate jewelry should be used in piercing. Appropriate jewelry is made

of implant grade, high quality surgical stainless steel (316 E series), solid 14k or 18k gold,

niobium) titanium, platinum. Appropriate jewelry has no nicks, scratches, or irregular

surfaces which might endanger the tissues.

c. Ear studs or other jewelry designed for earlobe piercing are not appropriate jewelry for

other body parts and must not be used by piercers.




Before working on each patron, the body piercer shall:


a. Inspect hands for small cuts and abrasions.

b. Refrain from body piercing or handling equipment if they have open sores, weeping

dermatitis or lesions on hands or arms until the condition has cleared.

c. Refrain from body piercing until the condition has cleared, if they have a cold, flu or other

communicable disease.

d. Wash hands, wrists and up to elbows with antibacterial solution.

e. Dry hands thoroughly with single use disposable towel such as a paper towel or air dry

under a heat dryer.

f Put on medical-grade latex (or its equivalent) gloves.



Bodv Piercers Shall:


a. Set up equipment in front of client.

b. Sealed autoclave bags containing any equipment required to be sterile, shall be opened in

front of~e client, and the autoclave bag discarded.

c. All jewelry contaminated with only airborne pathogens (not previously worn or

contaminated) should be disinfected with a non-hazardous hard-surface disinfectant

approved by the E.P.A. All jewelry contaminated or potentially contaminated with blood

borne pathogens (previously worn by another person) should be autoclaved, stored in

sterile indicator bags, sealed and dated.




d. All needles used in piercing must be pre-sterilized , used on one person, in one sitting, for

single piercing and immediately disposed of in a medical sharps container.

e. All forceps, tubes, etc. must be pre-sterilized stored in sterile indicator bags, sealed and

dated, used on one person, in one sitting. After one such use, they must be autoclaved and

stored in sterile indicator bags, sealed and dated.



Bodv Piercers Shall:

a. Put on fresh gloves for disinfection routine.

b. Move in a such manner to avoid re-contamination of surfaces.

c. Discard disposable items and remove from areas.

d. Remove plastic barrier film (if used) and disinfect surface areas, drawer pulls, cabinetry,

telephones, lamps, chairs) sinks, ultrasonic tanks, tables, chairs, floor area and any other

surfaces that might have become contaminated.

e. Dispose of single use (disposable) lap cloths.


f. Remove gloves, wash hands and discard gloves.


g. Double bag or use bio-hazard bags and discard materials after each client.

h. Discard materials in medically appropriate manner.


1. All reusable non-sterilizable implements such as marking pen should be nonporous and

disinfected after each use with an EPA approved hard-surface disinfection liquid.

Non-spray wipes for surfaces\and liquids for soaking jewelry are preferred over spray

disinfectants which may disperse pathogens into the air.


J. Cleansing with ultrasonic cleaners should be the rule for removal of bacitracin or other

triple antibiotic solutions, blood and other particles from a used contaminated implement

(i.e. jewelry, forceps, insertion tapers, and pliers) followed by steam autoclave.


k. Steam autoclave must be used on all equipment~that may come in contact with the client or

the jewelry (i.e. receiving tubes) rubber bands, insertion tapers, forceps, files, gauge

wheels, pliers, etc.). Equipment shall be bagged, dated and sealed and stored in a

non-porous, dark dry cool place such as a medical Credenza) etc. Spore indicators shall be

used with each load to ensure spore eradication. Instruments shall be autoclaved at a

temperature of 273 degrees F under pressure of 20 PSI for 30 minutes from start.

Autoclaves shall be spore tested by independent laboratories at lease once every month to

induce efficacy. Immersion in cold germicidal solutions provides incomplete sterilization

and is inappropriate.



1. Appropriate ear piercing guns should only be used for piercing ear lobes and shall not be

used for piercing any other body part.

m. Iodine, antiseptics and other ointments used shall be applied with single use applicators.

Applicators that have touched a client once may not be used to retrieve antiseptics, iodine,

etc. from containers and shall be disposed of after single use.



I. Bar setups, piercing needles) razor blades or other sharp instruments which are not to be

sterilized shall be disposed of in medically approved sharp containers that are puncture

resistant and have tight fitting lids.

2. Containers of sharp wastes shall be sent to a facility where they are either incinerated or

otherwise rendered nonhazardous.

3. Disposable waste shall be placed in easily cleanable, closed containers with tight fitting

lids, to prevent leakage or spoilage.

4. Waste containers shall be kept closed when not in use.

5. Disposable waste shall be handled, stored, and disposed of to minimize direct exposure

of personnel to waste materials.

6. The Milford Board of Health’s ‘Medical Waste Generator Form” must be completed and

returned to the Board of Health Department prior to issuance of a certificate of





1. Mobile piercing studios shall not be allowed to operate in the Town of Milford.




1. A registration fee in the amount established by the Town of Milford shall be required of all

persons registering as body piercers.

2. Payment of fees shall be made at the Milford Board of Health Department, 52 Main Street,







The piercers registration shall be suspended immediately upon notice to the holder (without a hearing)

when MBH has reason to believe that an imminent health hazard exists.

1. In all other instances of violation of the provisions of this administrative regulation the

Milford Board of Health shall serve the registrant a written notice speci~ing the violation

and afford the registrant or certificate holder a reasonable opportunity to correct the same.

a. Whenever a registrant has failed to comply with any written notice issued

under the provisions of this administrative regulation the Registration.


b. The holder of the body piercers registration shall be notified in writing that

the registration or certificate shall be suspended at the end of ten (10) days

following the service of the notice unless a request for a hearing is made

within the (10) day period.


c. Any person whose registration has been suspended may make a request in

writing for reinstatement of the registration.

d. For serious or repeated violations of any of the requirements of this

administrative regulation or for interference with the MBH in the

performance of its duties, or for persons found guilty of any crime related to

body piercing, the body piercers registration may be permanently revoked

after an Opportunity for a hearing has been provided.


e. Every person who shall perform body piercing without a certificate of

registration may be penalized by indictment or on complaint brought in the

district court. Except as may be otherwise provided by law and ‘as the

district court may see fit to impose, the maximum penalty for each violation,

or offense brought in such a manner, shall be three hundred dollars.

f. Body piercing of minors – Every person who shall perform body piercing on

any minor under the age of eighteen, (18) without the written consent and

presence of a parent or legal guardian for parts other than the genitalia areas

of minors which shall not be pierced, may be penalized by indictment or on

complaint brought in the district \court. Except as may be otherwise

provided by law and as the district court may see fit to impose, the

maximum penalty for each violation, or offense brought in such a manner,

shall be three hundred dollars.





If any section, paragraph, sentences, clause, phrase or word of this ordinance shall be declared invalid for

any reason whatsoever, that decision shall not affect any other portion of these regulations~


SECTION 12 Effective Date:


December 1, 1998






Application for Body Piercer Certificate of Registration in the Town of Milford


Complete and return this form with registration fee (made payable to: Town of Milford


Milford Board of Health

Town Hall – 52 Main Street

Milford, MA 01757


Upon satisfactory review of the application and receipt of the registration fee, a numbered registration

certificate will be issued by the Milford Board of Health.


New Application



1. Name:

(Last Name) (First Name) (Middle)


2. Date of Birth:

(Month) (Day) (Year)


3. Identification Card:


State Drivers License


State Identification Card

4. Facility Name:


5. Facility Address:


6. Facility Telephone:


7. Provide the following:


A. Evidence of course completion in Preventing Disease Transmission. (Applicant must show a

dated certificate of completion from either American Red Cross or Association of Professional Body



B. Evidence of current certification in First Aid/CPR. (Applicant must show a dated certificate of completion of a course in First Aid/CPR which demonstrates the required course was completed within the last two (2) years).


C. Proof of completion of a course in Anatomy and Physiology


D. Proof of one (1) year of apprenticeship training.




I understand that this registration expires on December 31 of this year. I understand that any notice

required to be given by the Milford Board of Health to me may be given by mailing the notice to the

address of the last place of business facility address) of which I have notified the Milford Board of

Health. I have received a copy of the Milford Board of Health’s regulations and recommended infection control procedures regarding body piercing. I agree to abide by these regulations and procedures. I agree to work only out of facilities that are in compliance with Milford Board of Health requirements. I agree to post the following valid and upaated documents conspicuously in my place of business at all



Certificate of Registration for all body piercers working in the facility,


A signed copy of an agreement to comply with Milford Board of Health Rules and Regulations for

Body Piercing, which contains the Recommended Procedures and Infection Control Practices for Body Piercing.


A signed copy of compliance with Milford Board of Health Recommended Procedures and

Infection Control Practices for Body Piercing.


I hereby certify, under pains and penalties of perjury, that to the best of my knowledge, the information

provided on this application is complete and accurate and not misrepresented in any way.





Name and Title (print)


Office Use Only: [ ]Approved Effective Date: _________________ Registration

Fee Paid:_____________


[ ] Disapproved, Comment: _________________________________________




A client consent form for receiving body piercing MUST contain at least the following information and must be kept on file by the Body Piercer for a minimum of three years.


Clients Name


Record of Clients Form of Identification NOTE: for your own protection, make a photocopy of

both sides of the identification card). Photo ID only. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS ABOUT



Signed statements from the client which include the following:


I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and have provided legitimate identification to validate



I am not currently under the influence of alcohol or drugs that might impair my judgement.


I have:

[ ] reviewed ordinance section on sanitary procedures for body piercing,

[ ]been informed of the risks of receiving body piercing, including the possibility of allergic reaction to jewelry,

[ ]been given a care/instruction sheet on how to take care of my body piercing,

[ ]been informed of procedures for reporting any complications with the piercing to the body piercer and to medical personnel.


Client’s Signature