Swimming Pools – Millis


The following is an excerpt from the BUILDING CODE FOR THE TOWN OF MILLIS, Section 19 (swimming pools) became effective October 11, 1968, and was amended in 1971.

Building Permit and Board of Health Permit applications may be obtained at the Selectmen’s office. Both applications must be submitted in duplicate to the Board of Health for initial approval. Applications for swimming pool permits must first have the approval of the Board of Health and Superintendent of Streets before being acted upon by the Building inspector.

The Board of Health regular meetings are at 7 p.m. the first and third Wednesday of each month in Niagara Hall. (For summer information, call 376-2394 or 376-2634) . The Building Inspector holds office hours in the Town Hall from 7-8 p.m. on Wednesday evenings – 376-4040. Permit applications may be submitted directly to the Board of Health or may be left at the Selectmen’s Office.


Permit Fees are: Board of Health – $25.00

Construction – Residential – minimum $15 first $2,000;

$3 per $1,000 thereafter

Commercial – $3 per $1,000, minim= $Ioo


Please submit separate payments with the applications – checks payable to “Town of Millis’-.


So that action on your application is not delayed, please be sure to:

1. Fill in all blanks on both application forms.

2. Submit two sketches showing locations of pool and other construction

on the property, lot lines and where water will be drained.


Please note all electrical wiring and lighting require electrical permits. These

may be obtained from the Wiring Inspector (same hours, location and phone number as

the Building Inspector) or from the Selectmen’s Office.






DEFINITION. “Swimming Pool”: A body of water contained in an artificial or semi-

artificial receptacle whether in or above the ground, or created by artificial means

from a natural watercourse, and all appurtenances, equipment, appliances and other

facilities for its operation, maintenance or use, used or intended to be used for

swimming, wading or recreational bathing, but not including portable pools incapable

of containing a depth of water exceeding twenty-four inches at any point.


RESIDENTIAL POOLS, Residential swimming pools, whether located indoor or outdoors,

are declared to be structures, the construction, alteration, maintenance, operation

and use of which shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 413 of the General

Laws, as from time to time amended, and to the provisions of the Building Code so

far as applicable. A residential swimming pool is a swimming pool used or intended

to be used solely by the owner or tenant thereof and his family, and by friends

invited to use it without payment of any fee.


PLANS. An extra copy of all plans, specifications, and pertinent explanatory

matter, required to be submitted to the Building Inspector in connection with an

application hereafter filed alteration, addition, remodeling or other improvement

to an application to the Building Inspector and shall be referred by him to the

Board of Health (in this article, together with his duly authorized representatives

referred to as the Health Department). No such permit shall be issued unless and

until the Board of Health shall have transmitted to the Building Inspector its written

approval of such applications including a suitable endorsement 8n such plans and

specifications. The Board of Health shall review such plans, specifications and other

information to determine whether they suitably provide for safe-guarding the health

and safety of the users and of the public.

The Board of Health is authorized and empowered to adopt regulations establishing

standards of water purity and alkalinity and governing circulation of water in and

cleansing of residential swimming pools.

APPROVAL OF SUPERINTENDENT OF STREETS. Every application for a permit shall clearly

show the means to be provided for draining the swimming pool including overflow

gutters. All such information shall be referred by the Building Inspector to the

Superintendent of Streets and no such permit shall be issued until the Superintendent

of Streets shall have given to the Building Inspector his approval and opinion in

writing that the proposed drainage will be adequate for the puroose and may 13e

employed without overtaxing any public drainage facilities involved or creating

drainage problems at other locations. The Superintendent of Streets approval may be

conditioned upon the use of such drainage facilities only within certain hours and in

such case any permit issued by the Building Inspector shall be so conditioned.

ENCLOSURE. Every outdoor swimming pool shall be completely surrounded at all times,

whether or not the same be filled with water, bv a fence or wall not less than five

feet in height, except that fences or walls in existence at the time this ordinance

becomes effective shall satisfy this requirement if thev are not less than four feet

in height. Each such fence or wall shall be so constructed as not to have openings,

holes or gaps larger than four inches in any dimension except for doors and gates and

except for picket fences in which case, however, the gaps between pickets shall not

exceed four inches.

All fences shall be of wood or chain link or approved equal. Every fence shall be

substantially anchored to posts set into the ground. Wood posts to be set in the two

feet and metal posts shall be surrounded by concrete sufficient to structurally anchor

posts. A building may be used as part of such enclosure.


section 19. Swimming Pools Page 2


All gates or doors opening through such enclosures shall be of not less than the same

height as the fence or wall and shall be ecuipped with a self-closing and self-latching

device located not more than one foot below the top of the fence or wall for keeping

the door gate or door securely closed at all times when not in actual use, excent that

the door of any dwelling which forms a part of the enclosure need not be so equipped.

Each such gate or door shall be kept locked at all times when the swimming pool en-

closure is not in use. Sixty (60) days after enactment of this law, the provisions of

this section shall apply to pools already in existence.


ELECTRICAL. Lighting, filter systems and related electrical wiring shall require an

electrical permit and shall be done in accordance with the National and Massachusetts

Electrical Codes. All lighting of an outdoor pool or its enclosure shall be directed

at the pool and the source of light shall be shielded from view from any street or

adjoining property.


APPLICABILITY OF SECTIONS. The provisions of these sections excepting under “Enclosure”

shall not become applicable to swimming pools in existence on the date of enactment of

said sections until the date six (6) months subsequent to such date of enactment.


SET-BACKS. Every outdoor swimming pool hereafter constructed shall be setback not

less than the requirements for Accessory Structures under the V-3 special regulations

for front, side and rear lot lines of the premises on which it is constructed. The

setback distance shall be measured to the nearest point of the pool including overflow

gutters but exclusive of walk-ways or other poolside areas. No water shall be put into

any pool until an occupancy permit is issued by the Building inspector except that the

Building inspector may, at his discretion, permit water to be put into the pool during



No existing swimming pool shall be enlarged so as to violate any of the foregoing set-

back requirements.




No accessory building or structure shall be located within the required front yard area.

No accessory building shall be located in any side yard area nearer to the side lot line

than fifteen (15) feet in Res. I and 11 Dist. and ten (10) feet in Res. III Dist., or in

a rear yard area nearer to the rear lot line than fifteen (1-5) feet, or nearer to another

‘principal or accessory building than fifteen (15) feet.


When all the above has been adhered to and the Wiring Inspector has signed the Building

Permit card, the Building Inspector must be called before the pool can be filled.

Please be aware that this permit expires in six (6) months, and all work must be

completed and card signed by the wiring and Building Inspectors or a new permit

application will be required.



Cash Check







1. Owner’s name and phone number


2. Owner’s address


3. Builder’s name and phone number


4. Builder’s address


5. Locatior. of lot: No. Street Size of lot


6. Zoning District


7. Use of Pool Residential Private


S. Size of pool No. of Ft. – Length Width Max. Depth

9. Type of Construction

iO. How near the front street line?


11. How near principal building? Accessary building?

12. How near line of adjoining lot? Right Left Rear

13. Will the building be erected on solid or filled land?

14. Heated: Yes No Type of Heat

15. Water Supply: Municipal Well

16. Drainage System–Please describe

Overflow Gutter? Describe

17. Designate – Dry well location (at least 25′ from pool and 15’ from lot line)


18. Enclosure will conform with Code (not less than 5 ft. in height) Yes

19. Estimated cost of construction $

20. Will this pool conform to Zoning & Building laws?

Signature oi Applicant


The Building Insuector must be given 48 hours notice for inspections.






Comments: Approved

Superintendent of Streets


Board of Health approval received?


Yes No


Form 53172






Section 1.

No swimming pool shall be installed or constructed until a permit has first been

obtained from the Board of Health or its agent.

Section 2.

Definition – Residential Swimming Pool. Any constructed pool, permanent or portable,

which is intended for non-commercial use as a swimming pool by the owner’s family and



Section 3.

The application for a permit for a swimming pool installation shall be filed in dup-

licate and shall be on such form and in such detail as the Board of Health shall prescribe.

The applicant must submit, before a permit is issued, a plan of the lot showing the layout

of the installation in detail indicating elevations, grades, material used, construction

details, sewage and drainage systems, location of the pool in relation to the house, other

building and lot lines, type and capacity of filter where necessary and location of the

dry well. When a permit is issued, one copy will be filed with the Building Inspector

and one copy retained at the Office of the Board of Health.

Section 4.

Any permit issued shall be subject to such conditions as to location as mav appear

therein to the express requirements of these regulations and to such further conditions

not inconsistent with these regulations and designed to implement them as the agent of

the Board of Health shall prescribe for the purpose of preserving health and safety by

insuring the proper construction and maintenance of the pool.

Section 5.

All swimming pools hereinafter constructed shall not be less than 25 feet from

the closest proximity of any part of any sewage system. No swimming pool shall be

emptied or drained into any sewage system. The pool must have a backwash type filter

with a suitable dry well constructed which must be approved by the agent of the Board

of Health. Such dry well shall be at least three (3) feet in diameter and three (3)

feet deep and provided with an 18-inch diameter metal rim and cover. The dry well must

be located at least 25 feet from the pool and 15 feet from the lot line, and so

designated on the sketch.


Swimming oo gu a ions Page 2


Section 6.

it is the responsibility of every owner, occupant or agent of premises where any

swimming pool of any size exists to keep the same in a sanitary condition through

filtration or chlorination, or both. if health or sanitation is jeopardized, the

Board of Health may order the pool to be emptied and sanitized. If the owner or

occupant of the premises fails to comply with such order, the Board may cause the

nuisance to be removed and all expenses incurred thereby shall be paid by the person

who caused or permitted same.


Section 7.


Outdoor swimming pools hereinafter constructed shall be protected by a fence, wall,

building, enclosure, or a solid wall of durable material of which the pool itself mav

be constructed or any combination thereof. Artificial barriers shall be constructed

so as to afford no external handholds or footholds, five (5) feet in height and

and equipped with a self-closing and positive self-latching closure mechanism at a

height of five (5) feet and provided with hardware for permanent locking. when the

swimming pool is not open for use, access shall be prevented.


Revised 4/1/,94



Check Cash



Niagara Hall, Exchange St.

Millis, MA 02054 1




Name of Homeowner Address


Telephone Number


Name of Installer Address


Telephone Number


Type Filter: Cartridge Diatomaceous Earth Sand Other

Backwash Required: Yes NO

Pool Construction: Above Ground Below Ground

Size of Pool: Length Width maximum Depth

Time required to recirculate entire contents of pool:

Pool Capacity in Gallons


For Private or Public Use


Sketch of Layout (Please attach to application) IN DUPLICATE


(Please be sure to answer all items)


Permit Granted 19- subject to the following further requirements

and conditions:






Board of Health